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Popular Steaks Explained

Popular Steak Cuts diagram

Choosing the best cut of beef for your meal can be difficult as there are many varieties of steak with their own characteristics and benefits to suit different cooking styles. To make this easier, we have compiled a list of the most popular steak cuts along with some information so you can make the most of your meat!


The Ribeye is generally considered to be the most flavourful steak. These steaks are cut from the ribs and contain a lot of marbling throughout. The muscle from where the Ribeye is cut, isn’t used often so the meat is very tender. Ribeye's can come either boneless or bone-in (bone-in Ribeye's are also known as Tomahawk Steaks). The best way to cook a Ribeye steak is by searing it on a high heat, if you are cooking a bone-in Ribeye, the meat nearest the bone will cook faster so keep an 'eye' on it.


The T-Bone Steak is cut from the Sirloin and is comprised of sirloin and fillet separated by the T shaped bone. The pairing of the fillet and sirloin means that the T-bone steak has a lot of flavour.

When cooking a T-bone steak, as this steak contains two cuts of beef, the fillet is likely to cook faster than the sirloin. We recommend searing the steak on a high heat for a couple of minutes each side and the transfer into the oven to finish off.


Cut from the mid- back between the ribs and rump, the Sirloin steak is characterised by its beefy flavour and good amount of marbling. The Sirloin steak is also known for its tenderness however it needs to be cooked carefully to ensure it doesn't loose it. We would recommend frying the Sirloin on a high heat and leaving it to rest for around 5 mins to make sure its retains its tenderness.


The fillet steak, also known as Filet Mignon, is widely regarded as the premium cut. It is from the lower back of the cow which is rarely used meaning the fillet steak is the most tender cut. It is also very lean, with minimal marbling which means that it is not as flavoursome as other cuts. Due to the tenderness of this steak, it is well suited to cooking on high heats for a few minutes each side, you don't want to over cook this steak as it may loose some of its tenderness.


Cut from the back end of the cow, the muscle is frequently used which means the rump steak is not as tender as some of the other cuts and is very lean. Rump Steaks are generally marinated before cooking and are suited to frying and broiling.


Also known as the ‘Butcher’s steak’, the hanger steak is less well known as the others above however it is a great cut of steak. The hanger steak is cut from the underside of the cow which means that it is incredibly tender due to the muscle rarely being used. This cut of steak is best fried on a high heat for 2-3 minutes on each side (medium rare).

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Ashhari Jaywardena
Ashhari Jaywardena
Apr 29, 2023

Lovely article: concise and well written. I'm a steak newbie from Sri Lanka. You've answered a lot of my questions. Shall browse your site some more. Alas, I live nowhere near your shop!

Thanks very much and all the best!

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