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We pride ourselves with offering top quality service all year round. As a team we have over 170 Years combined butchery experience and we're always happy to help choose the best cut, or give you gudiance on cooking.


Trevor has been one of our longest team members. Always one for cracking a joke with customers. 

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John charms our customers and lovingly prepares their perfect joint, when asked  he can think of nothing tastier than a lovely fine Fore Rib of Beef - wonderful


Alan has been a member of the team for 23 years, Alan enjoys meeting the different customers each day. His favourite meal is a medium rare rib eye steak served with mash and onion gravy,  Mmmmm delicious


Dean, has been working at Smithfield butchers for 13.5 years his favourite cut of meat is rib eye served with potatoes and all the best veg 

Smithfield Butcher, Wholesale London, UK


Jeff was brought up on a farm and loves food and cooking,  one of Jeffs favourite meals is  a boned out chicken  flat roasted,  This quick roasts in 30 minutes , the family love the crispy skin!

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Toms main role is  the delivery man,  Tom loves meeting all the customers and hearing the great feedback we get. and appreciation of the great service that the Smithfield Butchers team provide.

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Jason has been with the team for over 16 years and appreciates most meat, in down time he loves cycling, perhaps he should ride the butchers delivery bike!

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Darren has only been at the Smithfield Butchers shop for 7 or 8 years but as been part of the wider business for 18 years. His absolute favourite is minted lamb chops with chips, salad and mayonnaise.  Darren values his time with his wife and children most of all



Trevor has worked for Crosby’s since 1992 (28 years) Trevor’s favourite cut of meat is ribs eye on its one cooked medium rare 

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