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Product and Sustainability Information

Many of us are increasingly aware and concerned about the impact we are each having on the environment, or concerned about the ongoing evidence of modern slavery and ensuring animal welfare.  Whilst simultaneously balancing these concerns with economic stability and a need to ensure value for money, now as much as ever.


You will be pleased to know we at Smithfield Butchers think about these issues too and we play our part in trying to minimise waste.  They say with pork that nothing goes to waste, only the “squeak”! Well that’s true of all our products everything is put to good use.


Reassuringly the meat we offer is sustainably and humanely reared.  All our British sourced meat is farmed and processed to the highly respected Red Tractor Standard. Our beef and lamb is supplied from our long term partners in Cornwall.  We source our pork from Norfolk based Orchard Farms and our chickens too come from Norfolk.  


You will see that we also source some of our wholesale packs from European supply partners, this sourcing enables Smithfield Butchers customers large volumes of some of the most popular cuts of meat at great value, (whilst still ensuring good animal welfare.) 


Look at our wholesale products to see some great deals, buying in bulk offers great value and you can use your freezer for the meat you will not be using immediately.


We try to minimise the use of unnecessary packaging, the packaging we use is to protect and preserve our product so that it reaches you in the best possible condition.


Do get in touch if you have any questions or helpful recommendations, we love to hear from our customers

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